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Total Blueprint for World Domination by Jolene Stockman 4.0 25 Dec 8
What Really Is: How would life look if we knew that we are not our thoughts? by Ruth Bar-Shalev 4.2 24 Dec 8
Hoist on My Own Petard: Or: How Writing 10% Happier Threw My Own Advice Right Back in My Face by Dan Harris 3.8 145 Dec 7
Psilocybin Mushrooms: The Complete Guide to Safe Use and Benefits of Psychedelic Magic Mushrooms by Anton McKenna 4.5 24 Dec 5
Kindle Bestseller Publishing: The Proven 4-Week Formula to go from Zero to Bestseller as a first-time Author! (Influencer Fast Track® Series Book 5) by Gundi Gabrielle 4.5 1025 Dec 5
Done!: Finish Your Creative Project in One Month by A. P. Lambert 4.3 73 Dec 5
How to be Happy (No Fairy Dust or Moonbeams Required): 10 Simple Tools for a Happier Life (Happiness, Motivation, How To Be Happy Book 1) by Cara Stein 4.4 471 Dec 4
Happiness Simplified: Free Version: Why are we so unhappy? Happiness is a serious problem by German Muhlenberg 4.1 100 Dec 4
Awkward Silences and How to Prevent Them: 25 Tactics to Engage, Captivate, and Always Know What To Say by Patrick King 4.3 145 Dec 4
Wanderlost: Shots of Literary Tequila for the Restless Soul by Simon Williams 4.2 216 Dec 4
Happiness Step By Step: The most practical how-to guide to more happiness in your everyday life, and… the most unusual easy running guide by Usual Oddman 3.8 95 Dec 3
Intermittent Fasting for Women over 50: Discover the Secret of Longevity. Learn About the Power of Fasting and Reap the Benefits of a Long and Healthy Life by Katherin Keys and Walter Della Casa 3.3 3 Dec 3
Manage My Meditation: Seven Days to a Powerful Tool for Success and Transformation (Manage My Emotion Series) by Kenneth Martz 4.7 105 Dec 3
Happiness Quotes: Inspirational, happy quotes with pictures about self happiness: because happiness is a choice you make (Leanjumpstart Life Series Book 1) by Gabi Rupp 4.3 354 Dec 1
F@#k The Chicken Soup: Swear Word Adult Coloring Book (Swear Word Coloring and Art Book Series) by Coloring Therapist 4.0 1326 Nov 30
Caccia la Fata che è in te e lascia uscire la Donna (Italian Edition) by Simona Ruffini 3.7 14 Nov 26
Dimagrire nel sonno: Il metodo efficace e semplice per avere un corpo sano e giovane (Italian Edition) by Roy Martina and Joy Martina 3.4 154 Nov 26
Present Time by Dennis Santaniello 4.3 23 Nov 25
Stress-Free for Good: Discover the 13 Proven Keys to Stress Control That Will Double Your Energy and Happiness in Less Than a Week (The Get Away Stress Guides on How to Live a Stress Free Lif by Nick Hoff 4.1 138 Nov 23
Repossible: Who Will You Be Next? by Bradley Charbonneau 4.2 94 Nov 23
Rediscover Your Sparkle: Revive the Real You and Be Rebelliously Happy Every Day (Nourish Your Soul) by Julie Schooler 4.3 546 Nov 23
Journaling Basics - Journal Writing for Beginners (Journaling with Lisa Shea Book 1) by Lisa Shea 4.0 218 Nov 22
Find What You Love: 5 Tips to Uncover Your Passion Quickly and Easily by Thibaut Meurisse 4.3 248 Nov 22
The Change Habit: A Simple Guide to Making the Most of an Unexpected Transition by Ethan A. Freckleton 4.5 29 Nov 22
The New Law of Attraction: How to Practice the Law of Attraction and Transform Your Dreams into Concrete and Realizable Goals by Viviana Grunert and Giacomo Bruno 4.1 143 Nov 21
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Present Time by Dennis Santaniello
Avg 4.3 of 23 ratings - Last Verified Nov 25
Repossible: Who Will You Be Next? by Bradley Charbonneau
Avg 4.2 of 94 ratings - Last Verified Nov 23
Avg 4.0 of 218 ratings - Last Verified Nov 22
Avg 4.3 of 248 ratings - Last Verified Nov 22
Avg 4.5 of 29 ratings - Last Verified Nov 22
Avg 4.1 of 143 ratings - Last Verified Nov 21