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Title # Ratings Avg Stars
1. The Compleat Angler by Izaak Walton 17 4.1
2. Lives of the Engineers The Locomotive. George and Robert Stephenson by Samuel Smiles 13 4.5
3. Amateur Gardencraft A Book for the Home-Maker and Garden Lover by Eben E. 10 4
4. Mysteries of Bee-keeping Explained by M. 6 3.7
5. Racecar: Searching for the Limit in Formula SAE by Matt Brown 5 4.4
6. A Short History of H.M.S. Victory by W. J. L. 4 4.3
7. Kaleidoscope City: Reflections on Planning and London by Jonathan Manns 2 5
8. Making a Garden of Perennials by W. C. 2 4.5
9. Vegetable Oils in Food Technology: Composition, Properties, and Uses: Composition, Properties and Uses (Sheffield Chemistry and Technology of Oils and Fats) by Frank D. Gunstone 2 4.5
10. The Letter-Bag of Lady Elizabeth Spencer-Stanhope Volume 1 by Unknown 2 4
11. On Horsemanship by Xenophon and Henry Graham Dakyns 2 4
12. Langstroth on the Hive and the Honey-Bee A Bee Keeper's Manual by L. L. 2 4
13. Steam Turbines A Book of Instruction for the Adjustment and Operation of the Principal Types of this Class of Prime Movers by Hubert E. 2 2
14. How to make rugs by Candace Wheeler 2 2
15. On the Economy of Machinery and Manufactures by Charles Babbage 1 5
16. Electrical Engineering Bibliography by Safari Content Team 1 5
17. Rational Horse-Shoeing by John E. 1 5
18. Sylva, Vol. 1 (of 2) Or A Discourse of Forest Trees by John Evelyn 1 5
19. Cattle and Cattle-breeders by William McCombie 1 5
20. Architecture Reading Sampler: Book Excerpts by Lesley Bain, Meg Calkins, James Vandezande, Chuck Eastman, Saleh Mubarak by Wiley 1 5
21. The Poetry of Architecture by John Ruskin 1 5
22. Farm drainage The Principles, Processes, and Effects of Draining Land with Stones, Wood, Plows, and Open Ditches... by Henry Flagg French 1 4
23. Mechanics of Machines by V. Ramamurti 1 4
24. Précis de l'art de la guerre. English by Antoine Henri Jomini, George H. 1 4
25. Confronting the Challenges of Participatory Culture: Media Education for the 21st Century (The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation Reports on Digital Media and Learning) by Henry Jenkins, Ravi Purushotma, Margaret Weigel and Katie Clinton 1 4
26. Scottish Cathedrals and Abbeys by Herbert Story, Dugald Butler and Robert Herbert Story 1 4
27. The world's great sermons, Volume 03Massillon to Mason by N/A and Grenville Kleiser 1 4
28. Spatial Mechanisms: Analysis and Systems by Rao V. Dukkipati 1 3
29. Gardening for the Million by Alfred Pink 1 3
30. Rural Architecture Being a Complete Description of Farm Houses, Cottages, and Out Buildings by Lewis Falley Allen and John William Orr 1 2
31. The Art of Perfumery, and Methods of Obtaining the Odors of Plants With Instructions for the Manufacture of Perfumes... by G. W. Septimus 1 2
32. The German Classics of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries, Volume 03Masterpieces of German Literature Translated into English. in Twenty Volumes by Various Authors and Kuno Francke 1 1
33. The Doré Gallery of Bible Illustrations, Volume 9 by N/A and Gustave Doré 1 1
34. A Text-Book of the History of Architecture Seventh Edition, revised by A. D. F. 1 1
35. The Naval History of the United States Volume 2 by Willis J. 0 0
36. The Naval History of the United States Volume 1 by Willis J. 0 0
37. Bell's Cathedrals: The Cathedral Church of Ely A History and Description of the Building with a Short Account ... by W. D. 0 0
38. Diggers in the Earth by Eva March Tappan 0 0
39. The Stock-Feeder's Manual the chemistry of food in relation to the breeding and feeding of live stock by Sir Charles Alexander Cameron 0 0
40. Der rote Kampfflieger (German Edition) by Manfred Richthofen 0 0
41. A Manual or an Easy Method of Managing Bees by John Moseley Weeks 0 0
42. Le Téléphone, le Microphone et le Phonographe (French Edition) by Th. Du Moncel and B. Bonnafoux 0 0
43. From Sail to Steam, Recollections of Naval Life by A. T. 0 0
44. Chapters in Rural Progress by Kenyon L. 0 0
45. Iron Making in the Olden Times as instanced in the Ancient Mines, Forges, and Furnaces of The Forest of Dean by H. G. 0 0
46. The Young Farmer: Some Things He Should Know by Thomas Forsyth Hunt 0 0
47. James Nasmyth: Engineer; an autobiography by James Nasmyth and Samuel Smiles 0 0
48. Elements of Agricultural Chemistry by Thomas Anderson 0 0
49. The Dominion of the Air; the story of aerial navigation by John Mackenzie Bacon 0 0
50. Manuel complet des fabricans de chapeaux en tous genres (French Edition) by Jean-Sébastien-Eugène Julia de Fontenelle 0 0
51. Guano A Treatise of Practical Information for Farmers by Solon Robinson 0 0
52. The Cauliflower by A. A. 0 0
53. The Story of the Soil; from the Basis of Absolute Science and Real Life, by Cyril G. 0 0
54. History of the American Clock Business for the Past Sixty Years, and Life of Chauncey Jerome Barnum's Connection with the Yankee Clock Business by Chauncey Jerome 0 0
55. Ancient Egyptian and Greek Looms by H. Ling 0 0
56. AM Envelope: The potential of Additive Manufacturing for facade constructions by Holger Strauss 0 0
57. Cabbages and Cauliflowers: How to Grow Them A Practical Treatise, Giving Full Details On Every Point, Including Keeping And Marketing The Crop by James John Howard Gregory 0 0
58. Draining for Profit, and Draining for Health by George E. 0 0
59. The American Type of Isthmian Canal Speech by Hon. John Fairfield Dryden in the Senate of theUnited States, June... by John F. 0 0
60. Housing, Urban Renewal and Socio-Spatial Integration: A Study on Rehabilitating the Former Socialistic Public Housing Areas in Beijing (A+BE | Architecture and the Built Environment) by Xiaoxi Hui 0 0
61. Shearing in the Riverina by Rolf Boldrewood 0 0
62. Electrical Engineering Sampler: Baker, Li, Ott, Kossiakoff, Holma, Jakobsson, Burton 0 0
63. L'isthme de Panama (French Edition) by Michel Chevalier 0 0
64. Materials Science Reading Sampler: Book Excerpts by J. Genzer, D. Richerson, A. Tiwari, M. Horstemeyer, K. Kolasinski... 0 0
65. The Garden, You, and I by Mabel Osgood Wright 0 0
66. Des Sextus Julius Frontinus' Schrift über die Wasserleitungen der Stadt Rom (German Edition) by Julius Sextus Frontinus 0 0
67. Peat and its Uses as Fertilizer and Fuel by Samuel W. 0 0
68. Bridge Disasters in America The Cause and the Remedy by George L. 0 0
69. Integral Facade Construction: Towards a new product architecture for curtain walls (A+BE | Architecture and the... by Tillmann Klein 0 0
70. Transactions of the American Society of Civil Engineers, Vol. LXVIII, Sept. 1910 The New York Tunnel Extension of the Pennsylvania Railroad.The East River Division. Paper No. 1152 by Alfred Noble 0 0
71. Knowledge Sharing Strategies for Large Complex Building Projects (A+BE | Architecture and the Built Environment... by Esra Bektas 0 0
72. Talks on Manures A Series of Familiar and Practical Talks Between the Author and the Deacon, the Doctor, and other... by Joseph Harris 0 0
73. Transactions of the American Society of Civil Engineers, vol. LXVIII, Sept. 1910 The New York Tunnel Extension of the Pennsylvania Railroad The Terminal Station - West by Benjamin Franklin Cresson 0 0
74. Spatial Planning and High-tech Development: A comparative study of Eindhoven city-region, the Netherlands and... by Wei-Ju Huang 0 0
75. Cattle and Their Diseases Embracing Their History and Breeds, Crossing and Breeding, And Feeding and Management... by Robert Jennings 0 0
76. The Road and the Roadside by Burton Willis Potter 0 0
77. Tipping the Balance: Policies to shape agriculture investments and markets in favour of small-scale farmers by Bill Vorley, Lorenzo Cotula and Man-Kwun Chan 0 0
78. Transactions of the American Society of Civil Engineers, vol. LXX, Dec. 1910 Federal Investigations of Mine Accidents... by Herbert M. Wilson 0 0
79. Transactions of the American Society of Civil Engineers, vol. LXVIII, Sept. 1910 The New York Tunnel Extension... by Charles M. Jacobs 0 0
80. Rapport d'information sur l'impact de la régulation des télécoms sur la filière télécom (French Edition) 0 0
81. The Amateur Garden by George Washington Cable 0 0
82. Old Roads and New Roads by William Bodham Donne 0 0
83. Stay funky! (Italian Edition) by Marco Zamperini and Riccardo Luna 0 0
84. The Principles of Breedingor, Glimpses at the Physiological Laws involved in the Reproduction and Improvement of Domestic Animals by S. L. Goodale 0 0
85. Creative Chemistry Descriptive of Recent Achievements in the Chemical Industries by Edwin E. 0 0
86. Performance Assessment Strategies: A computational framework for conceptual design of large roofs (A+BE | Architecture... by Michela Turrin 0 0
87. Forty Centuries of Ink or, a chronological narrative concerning ink and its backgrounds, introducing incidental... by David Nunes Carvalho 0 0
88. Lines in Pleasant Places Being the Aftermath of an Old Angler by William Senior 0 0
89. The Cultivation of The Native Grape, and Manufacture of American Wines by George Husmann 0 0
90. Adapting Agile by Jason Logger 0 0
91. Participatory Politics: Next-Generation Tactics to Remake Public Spheres (The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur... by Elisabeth Soep 0 0
92. Expéditions autour de ma tente Boutades militaires (French Edition) by Ch. Des Ecores 0 0
93. Rapport d'information sur l'hydroélectricité (French Edition) 0 0
94. Living and Learning with New Media: Summary of Findings from the Digital Youth Project (The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation Reports on Digital Media and Learning) by Mizuko Ito, Heather A. Horst, Matteo Bittanti and Danah Boyd 0 0
95. The Loss of the Kent, East Indiaman, in the Bay of Biscay Narrated in a Letter to a Friend by Duncan McGregor 0 0
96. ArchitectureClassic and Early Christian by John Slater and T. Roger 0 0
97. New Digital Media and Learning as an Emerging Area and "Worked Examples" as One Way Forward (The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation Reports on Digital Media and Learning) by James Paul Gee 0 0
98. Britain at Bay by Spenser Wilkinson 0 0