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1. 8 Different Crochet Stitches: Learn to Crochet Something New with Crochet Patterns by Prime Publishing 588 3.9
2. Quirk Books D.I.Y. Gift Guide by Homemade Quirk 385 3.4
3. Lion Brand's New Fall Collection: 15 Free Crochet Scarf Patterns, Afghan Patterns, and More by Editors of AllFreeCrochet 353 4.1
4. 25 Cool Things to Do with Wine Bottles by Julia Litz and Melissa Conner 348 3.4
5. How to Crochet: 16 Quick and Easy Granny Square Patterns by Prime Publishing 345 4.3
6. Welcome to Our Home - Knit and Crochet Ideas from Red Heart by Editors of FaveCrafts 249 4
7. Shep Dreams Of Home: A Bedtime Story by Jason Matthews 220 4.3
8. New Favorites from Lion Brand: 15 Free Knitting Patterns for Scarves, Afghans and More by Editors of AllFreeKnitting 200 4
9. Free Sewing Patterns for Spring Fashion: 8 DIY Sewing Projects by Prime Publishing 189 3.4
10. Saving Justice (Dog Haven Sanctuary Romance Book 1) by Tasman Gibb 181 4.4
11. The Working Chicken: Learn everything you need to know to become a backyard egg and meat producer in 30 minutes... by Anna Hess 147 4.3
12. Butterfly Boy: An Avery Barks Dog Mystery (Avery Barks Cozy Dog Mysteries Book 1) by Mary Hiker 106 3.8
13. Pink Little Lady Amigurumi Crochet Pattern by Sayjai Thawornsupacharoen 103 4.5
14. 13 Free Baby Crochet Patterns by Prime Publishing 98 4.3
15. Summer Beach Vets: Playing for Love: (A sweet clean small town beach romance set Down Under) ~ Book 1 (Summer... by H.Y. Hanna 97 4.2
16. Tear Down and Die (Cara Mia Delgatto Mystery Series Book 1) by Joanna Campbell Slan 94 4.8
17. Man Crafts: 10 Free Patterns to Crochet for Men by Prime Publishing 88 4
18. 16 Crochet Shawl Patterns: DIY Clothing You'll Love by Prime Publishing 70 4.5
19. How to Knit an Infinity Scarf + 9 Fashionable Cowl Knitting Patterns by Prime Publishing 64 4
20. 24 Tie-Dye Techniques: Free Tie-Dye Patterns by Prime Publishing 64 3.6
21. Mommy Can I Have A Puppy? by Rabbi Jamie Korngold and Jeff Finkelstein 60 4.3
22. Knitting in the Round: 10 Knit Sock Patterns and Knitted Slipper Patterns by Prime Publishing 60 4
23. Knitting: BOX SET: The Complete Guide on How to Knit. From Beginner to Expert. Knitting for Everyone. Including... by Kathy Wilston 54 4.6
24. Quilt pattern - Yo-Yo Flags by Mary Lou Danielson 52 4
25. The Best of the Midwest STITCHES Fashion Show: 7 Inspiring Free Shawl Patterns, Knit Tops & More by Editors of AllFreeKnitting 51 3.4
26. Dog Training: Strategic Dog Training Tips For A Well-Trained, Obedient, and Happy Dog (Dog Training Books Book 1) by Michael Kenssington 49 3.3
27. The Animal Psychic eBook Story Selection: Free by Jackie Weaver 47 4
28. Twenty-Four Vincent van Gogh's Paintings (Collection) for Kids by Stanley Cesar 47 3.7
29. Catch That Collie!!! - Animal care and pets Children's eBooks Dogs by Tarrin P. Lupo and Ru N. Hilliard 45 4.4
30. Plymouth Encore Worsted Colorspun Yarn Knitting Pattern F236C Fingerless Gloves (I Want To Knit) by Royal Yarns 45 4.1
31. Buff: A Collie And Other Dog Stories by Albert Payson Terhune 42 4.3
32. The Cat Rescue Diaries: 56 True Life Stories of Cats Who Found Their Forever Homes, and the People Who Saved Them by Kurt Schmitt 41 4.5
33. 17 Easy Crafts With Yarn: Make Accessories, Decor and More with Lion Brand Imagine Yarn by Editors of FaveCrafts 40 3.5
34. Organize Your Home in Five Days: Easy Hacks to Declutter Your Space, Create a Positive Environment & Get Inspiration... by Nancy Brooks 39 4.4
35. How to Knit for Beginners: 9 Free Tutorials by Prime Publishing 38 4.3
36. Essential Oils For Pets: Boxset: Essential Oils For Dogs & Essential Oils For Cats (Essential Oils, Aromatherapy... by Amy Joyson 37 4.6
37. Knitting for Beginners: How to Knit. The Complete Guide With Step by Step Instructions with Detailed Pictures... by Kathy Wilston 37 4.5
38. Easy Hat, Scarf and Neck Warmer Crochet Patterns in 4 sizes: Baby to Teen/Adult by Sayjai Thawornsupacharoen 36 4.4
39. Weekend Homesteader: April by Anna Hess 35 4.5
40. Twenty-Four Claude Monet's Paintings (Collection) for Kids by Stanley Cesar 29 3.7
41. Twenty-Four Salvador Dali's Paintings (Collection) for Kids by Stanley Cesar 27 4.2
42. Twenty-Four Pablo Picasso's Paintings (Collection) for Kids by Stanley Cesar 27 3.8
43. Chainmail Made Easy: Learn to Chainmail in 24 Hours or Less! by Jeff Baker 25 4.3
44. Making Beaded Jewelry: 11 Free Seed Bead Patterns and Projects by Prime Publishing 25 4.2
45. Shipping Container Homes. 50 Ideas & Tips On How to Build A Shipping Container Home & Live Fully!: (tiny house... by Bryan Attaway 25 3.2
46. Knitting for Experts: How to Knit. The Complete Guide on Advance Knitting With Step by Step Instructions with... by Kathy Wilston 24 4.4
47. Plymouth Encore Worsted Colorspun Yarn Knitting Pattern F286 My First Baby Blanket (I Want To Knit) by Royal Yarns 24 4.4
48. Twenty-Four Andy Warhol's Paintings (Collection) for Kids by Stanley Cesar 23 3.9
49. The Princess Guide to Being a Cat by Rosie Blythe 22 4.4
50. Twenty-Four Edgar Degas's Paintings (Collection) for Kids by Stanley Cesar 22 4
51. 12 Knitted Scarf Patterns: Fabulous Free Knitting Patterns for Beginners by Prime Publishing 20 4.2
52. Knitting Scarves From A-Z: Learn How to Knit the Perfect Scarf by Chloe Thompson 20 4.1
53. Twenty-Four Rembrandt's Paintings (Collection) for Kids by Stanley Cesar 20 3.8
54. Square Foot Gardening: Save Money and Space By Growing Your Own Organic Produce by Jennifer Cane 19 4
55. Simple Living: The Ultimate Simple Living Guide - How To Simplify Your Life, Declutter Your Home, Reduce Stress... by Jessica Cambridge 19 2.9
56. Seriously Mum, What's an Alpaca? The Photos! (Seriously Mum, The Photobooks! Book 1) by Alan Parks 18 4.1
57. Urban Gardening Guide : Learn To Grow Medicinal Herbs and Spices to Help You Lose Weight (Tips To Built Your Backyard... by Mike C. Adams 18 4.1
58. SHIBA INU: A Comprehensive Guide for the Shiba Inu Personality and How to Train your Clever Shiba by Stephanie Strauss 17 4.5
59. Plymouth Encore Worsted Colorspun Yarn Knitting Pattern F228 Kids Slipper Socks (I Want To Knit) by Royal Yarns 17 4.1
60. Origami Volume 1 (Easy to Learn) by P S Kohli and Badrinath P V 17 3.3
61. Border Collie Training Guide: The Ultimate Guide To Training Your Border Collie Puppy In 7 days by Michael Wilson 17 3.2
62. Butt Ugly Dogs: A Photography Survey of the Top 10 Ugliest Dog Breeds in the World! (Butt Ugly Stuff) by Dizzy Daphne 16 4.2
63. How to Knit Hats: The Easy Way by Lilly Jones 16 4.1
64. Essential Oils for Dogs: Natural Remedies and Natural Dog Care Made Easy: New for 2015 Includes Essential Oils... by Stacey Moore 16 4.1
65. Twenty-Four Gustav Klimt's Paintings (Collection) for Kids by Stanley Cesar 16 3.9
66. Halloween Party Ideas by Chef Goodies 16 3.8
67. Twenty-Four Pierre-Auguste Renoir's Paintings (Collection) for Kids by Stanley Cesar 16 3.6
68. Twenty-Four Frida Kahlo's Paintings (Collection) for Kids by Stanley Cesar 15 4.3
69. Personal Finance For Beginners In 30 Minutes, Volume 1: How to cut expenses, reduce debt, and better align spending... by Ian Lamont 15 3.9
70. Flipping Houses for Beginners: How to Flip a House and Make a Profit by Courtney Copeland 14 4.6
71. DIY Projects: DIY Projects and DIY Household Hacks That Will Save You Money! (diy projects, DIY Household Hacks... by Ariana Hunter 14 4.5
72. Minimalism: The Japanese Art of Simplifying Your House: How to Clear your Clutter and Enjoy the Benefits of a... by Eugene Kim 14 4.1
73. Philippine Folk Tales by N/A 14 3.3
74. Indoor Gardening : Indoor Vegetable Gardening For Beginners (Urban Garden Book) by Mike C. Adams 13 4.2
75. Plymouth Baby Alpaca Grande Hand Dye Yarn Knitting Pattern F336 Openwork Textured Wrap (I Want To Knit) by Royal Yarns 13 4.1
76. Plymouth Encore Worsted Yarn Knitting Pattern F236S Fingerless Gloves (I Want To Knit) by Royal Yarns 13 3.9
77. Shipping Container Home. A True Beginners Guide To Get You Started Building & Living In!: Tiny House Living, Shipping... by Pamela White 13 3.8
78. DIY Decoration and Design: Simple, Fun and Creative Projects to Add Zing to Your Living Space (Home Decorating... by Phyllis Gill 13 3.6
79. 30 Best Recipes for Herbal Remedies by Kate Hilton 12 4.2
80. Elements of Plumbing by Samuel Edward Dibble 12 3.6
81. 12 Hours Crochet Hacks: Crochet Hat Patterns for Beginners in Fast, Easy, and Simple Steps (Hat Crochet Patterns... by Ashley Huber 12 2.8
82. Twenty-Four Henri Matisse's Paintings (Collection) for Kids by Stanley Cesar 11 4
83. Twenty-Four Edvard Munch's Paintings (Collection) for Kids by Stanley Cesar 11 3.8
84. The Complete Guide to Under Cabinet Lighting by Annie Josey and Christopher Johnson 11 3.6
85. Feng Shui: A simple Feng Shui guide for beginners to use at home, the office, and at work for increased simplicity... by Amy Delosa 10 4.5
86. Plymouth Sakkie Yarn Knitting Pattern F464 Lacy Moebius Cowl (I Want To Knit) by Royal Yarns 10 3.8
87. One Day Crochet: Unique Afghan Projects That You Can Easily Master in One Day (how to crochet, crochet stitches... by Margaret Jones 10 2.5
88. Puppy Sleep Training: Step-by-step Guide To Getting Your Puppy To Finally Sleep The Entire Night! - Puppy Crate... by Carl Bambino 9 5
89. GARDENING BUNDLE! THE ONLY GARDENING BOOK YOU NEED: Book 1: Mini Farming, Book 2: Backyard Homesteading, Book... by Mark O'Connell 9 4.7
90. Twenty-Four Marc Chagall's Paintings (Collection) for Kids by Stanley Cesar 9 4.7
91. Crochet Pattern - Two Hour Slippers: Quick and Easy Stash-Buster Project by Sarah Taylor 9 4.6
92. Tiny House Living. 20 Life Hacks on How to Build and Live Well In Less than 350 Square Feet: (tiny house living... by David Gordon 9 4.3
93. Getting Started: The Basics For Living Off The Grid (How to Live off the Grid, Off Grid Living, Sustainability... by Mallory, A and Mallory, S 9 4.3
94. Soil Without Toil, Nutrient Rich Soil For Nutrient Rich Plants, Step By Step by Ed Gaynor 9 4.2
95. Frugal Simplicity: 101 Ways To Use Frugal Simplicity For Organizing And Decluttering Your Life And Embracing The... by Lilly Sparks 9 4
96. Koi Care Secrets: The Easy Way To Happy Healthy Koi Fish (Water Garden Masters Series Book 2) by William G. Coleman and Ben Plonski 9 3.6
97. Shipping Container Homes for Beginners: How to Live in a Shipping Container House by David Nelson 8 4
98. (3 Book Bundle) "Crochet Guide For Beginners" & "Crochet Guide For Intermediates" & "Crochet Patterns: The Easy... by Kathy Long 8 3.9
99. Crochet Projects BOX SET 3 IN 1: Step-by-Step Guide For Beginners With Pictures + More Than 50 Amazing Stitch... by Nadene Brighton and Adrienne Ashley 8 3.9
100. Twenty-Four Henri Rousseau's Paintings (Collection) for Kids by Stanley Cesar 8 3.6
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