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1. 100 Bundt and Tube Pan Cake Recipes by Tera L. Davis 55 3.9
2. 168 RECETAS PARA PREPARAR DIP Y DULCES: Los mejores acompañamientos para aperitivos, postres y tentempiés (Colección... by Mariano Orzola 0 0
3. 20 Recettes de Délicieux Desserts (Les minis livres t. 7) (French Edition) by Pierre-Emmanuel Malissin 4 2.5
4. 25 Easy Fruit Snack Recipes: Simple and Healthy Cooking That Anyone Can Do! (Quick and Easy Cooking Series) by Hannie P. Scott 7 4.7
5. 25 Make Yourself Skinny Slow Cooker Recipe Meals: Eat Your Way to Fitness by Angelina Dylon 22 4.4
6. 27 Pizza Easy Recipes (Easy Pasta & Easy Pizza Italian Recipes) by Karina Di Geronimo and Leonardo Manzo 10 3.8
7. 27 Recetas Fáciles de Pastas (Recetas de Cocina Faciles: Pastas & Pizza nº 1) (Spanish Edition) by Karina Di Geronimo and Leonardo Manzo 5 3.8
8. 30 recetas de cupcakes neoyorkinos (Spanish Edition) by Sylvie Aït-Ali 19 4.4
9. 300 recettes d'hiver (French Edition) by Oeuvre collective and ASAP, Éditions 4 3.5
10. 31 Paleo Slow Cooker Dishes: Easy, Delicious, and Nutritious Recipes for Busy Days (31 Days of Paleo Book 13) by Mary Scott and William Warren 6 4.7
11. 35 Slow Cooker Soups & Stews: Recipes To Warm You Up! by Jean Pardue 21 4.3
12. 40 Juicing Recipes For Weight Loss and Healthy Living (Juicer Recipes Book) by Jenny Allan 478 4.1
13. 40 Top Paleo Recipes - Quick and Easy Paleo Diet Recipes For Weight Loss & Optimum Health (Paleolithic Diet Cookbook) by Jenny Allan 345 3.6
14. 40 Top Quinoa Recipes For Weight Loss by Jenny Allan 342 4.2
15. 5 Best Classic Comfort Foods by Cyriac Kurian 0 0
16. 50 Meatball Recipes To Die For: The Complete Meatball Cookbook For Delicious, Home-Made Meatballs (Delicious Home-Made... by Jenny De Luca 0 0
17. 6 Week Extreme Fat Loss Transformation: Lose 10-30 Pounds in 6 Weeks with This Proven 42 Day Meal Plan (diet plan... by Dylan McGregor 10 4.9
18. 60 Meat Recipes: For the Family (Easy Recipes) by Sophia Brighton 0 0
19. 7-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse: Lose 15 Pounds in Just 7 Days with Green Smoothies! by Angelina Dylon 15 4.7
20. 75 Low Calorie Healthy Salads Recipes Cookbook for a Full and Slim Belly by Pankaj Chauhan 0 0
21. 9 Types of Copycat Girl Scout Cookies: Your Favorite Copycat Girl Scout Cookie Flavors by Prime Publishing 88 4.1
22. A Baker's Guide to Chocolate: A Collection of Recipes and Useful Information by Dennis Weaver 40 4.1
23. A química dos alimentos (O que Einstein disse a seu cozinheiro vol.1) (Portuguese Edition) by Robert L. Wolke 0 0
24. A Skillet, a Spatula, and a Dream by Barbara Bretton 38 4.3
25. Alkaline Diet: Demystified - Rebalance Your pH, Lose Weight Naturally & Improve Your Health With The Alkaline... by Darrin Wiggins 20 4
26. ANTI-INFLAMMATORY DIET: Vol. 2 Lunch Recipes (Anti-Inflammatory Cookbook) (Anti-Inflammatory Recipes) by Charity Wilson and My Recipe Journal 0 0
27. Antropologia e nutrição: um diálogo possível (Portuguese Edition) by Ana Maria Canesqui and Rosa Wanda Diez Garcia 1 5
28. Apple Cider Vinegar Cures, Uses and Recipes (Boxed Set): For Weight Loss and a Healthy Diet by Speedy Publishing 2 4
29. Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day: A Complete Guide in Making Easy and Delicious Sourdough Bread (Artisan Bread... by Annie Ramsey 6 3
30. Baby Food Made Easy: Two free chapters from Feed Me, I'm Yours! by Vicki Lansky 26 4.2
31. Baking Recipe Sampler: Delicious Recipes for Scones, Doughnuts and More from Our Favorite Cookbooks: Ovenly, Sweet... by Debbie Adler and Meaghan Mountford 5 4.2
32. Before and After: Real Stories of the 10 Years Younger in 10 Weeks Programme (Your Best Self Seeds) by Thorbjörg 11 3.5
33. Best Healthy Vegan Holiday Recipes: Christmas recipes (Quick & Easy Vegan Recipes) by Jonathan Vine 51 4.4
34. Best Homemade Bread Recipes: Delicious Bread Recipes in Quick & Easy Ways by Olivia 32 3.7
35. Best Wok Recipes from Mama Li's Kitchen: Healthy, Quick and Easy One Pot Meals for Busy Families by Sarah Spencer 30 4.9
36. Breville presents Back of the House Revealed by Breville USA 4 3.3
37. Breville presents Coffee by Design by Breville USA 9 2.8
38. Bruschetta Recipes: The Ultimate Guide by Johanna Davidson 2 4
39. Bundle Full of Quinoa, Paleo and Vegan Delicious Recipes: Meal Planner by Barrett Williams 0 0
40. Cajun Recipes: 101 (for beginners) - Cajun Cookbook and Food (Cajun Cookbooks - Cajun Cooking - Cajun Food - Cajun... by Clara Taylor 11 4.8
41. Canning and Preserving for Beginners: Teach Me Everything I Need To Know About Canning and Preserving In 30 Minutes... by 30 Minute Reads 22 4
42. Caribbean Chicken Recipes: Cookbook Of 50 Delicious Chicken Recipes From The Caribbean Islands (Chicken recipes... by Marie Valdez 6 4.5
43. CAST IRON COOKBOOK: Vol.2 Lunch Recipes (Cast Iron Recipes) by Charity Wilson and My Recipe Journal 24 4.8
44. Chicken Recipes (Easy Chicken Recipes): Delicious and Easy Chicken Recipes (Baked Chicken, Grilled Chicken, Fried... by Hannie P. Scott 28 4.3
45. CIDER CYDER CIDER - a few jottings on alcoholic cider, how to make it and how to cook with it (Thorogoods Cider... by Anthony E Thorogood 10 3.1
46. Clean eating for foodies: 25 amazing clean eating recipes under 250 calories! by Chef Margot 10 3.9
47. Clean Eating: Amazingly Delicious Recipes To Jump Start Your Weight Loss, Increase Energy and Feel Great! (Clean... by Sara Banks 59 3.9
48. CLEAN EATING: Vol. 2 Lunch Recipes (Clean Eating Cookbook) (Clean Eating Diet Recipes) by Charity Wilson and My Recipe Journal 0 0
49. Clean Food Diet: Avoid processed foods and eat clean with few simple lifestyle changes(free nutrition recipes)... by Jonathan Vine and Tali Carmi 448 4.1
50. Cocktails - Low Carb Recipes (Low Carb Reference Book 13) by Lisa Shea 22 4.4
51. Coconut Flour Recipes: 40 Scrumptious Recipes For Celiac, Gluten free, And Paleo Diets (The Simple Recipe Series) by Ready Recipe Books 73 3.9
52. Coconut Oil Bible: (Boxed Set): Benefits, Remedies and Tips for Beauty and Wight Loss by Speedy Publishing 7 3.4
53. COCONUT OIL: 50 Coconut Oil Recipes: Cooking With Coconut Oil And Loving Every Bite (Coconut Oil For Weight Loss... by Charity Wilson and My Recipe Journal 16 4.9
54. Coffee Recipes: Barista at Home - A Pour Over Coffee Bean Lover Guide from Espresso Roast to Iced Coffee Cup Drinks by Nigel Chambray and Mr. Bean 8 4
55. Coffee: Guide to Easily Make your Own Perfect Cup of Java at Home and The History of Coffee, the World's Most... by Tadio Diller 2 5
56. COOKBOOK Healthy Recipes for Kids by Nancy Ian 0 0
57. COOKBOOKS: Diabetes Diet: A Diabetes Diet Cookbook Filled With Over 30 Delicious Diabetes Diet Recipes (Recipes... by Brooke Jenkins and Dianne Dash 0 0
58. COOKBOOKS: The White Devil - A 30-Day Sugar Detox Made Simple (Quit Sugar or Quit Life!) (Recipes, Recipe Books... by Rebecca Thomas 28 4.1
59. COOKBOOKS: Zone Diet: One 75 Zone Diet Recipes Included & A 14-Day Zone Diet Meal Plan To Lose Weight And Prevent... by A.J. Parker and Zack Davis 30 4.2
60. Cookie Recipes: Delicious and Easy Cookies Recipes (Quick and Easy Cooking Series) by Hannie P. Scott 22 4.5
61. Cooking For IBS - An Essential Guide and Recipes by Olivia Martinez 0 0
62. Cooking for Kidney Diseases: Your Ultimate Guide for Kidney Disease Diet by Martha Stone 0 0
63. Cooking Mexican With Love by Lucia Gabriela 0 0
64. Cooking Soups 101 - An Essential Guide and Recipes by Benita Galvan 0 0
65. Cooking With A Halogen Oven: The Only Halogen Oven Cookbook You Will Ever Need by P. Karn 7 4.6
66. Cooking with Corn Flour: 20 Delicious Recipes (Wheat flour alternatives) by Jeen van der Meer 1 3
67. Cooking with Yashim: Turkish Recipes and a Preview of An Evil Eye (Investigator Yashim) by Jason Goodwin 16 3.1
68. Creative Cupcake Ideas: Gourmet Cupcakes to Die For by Dennis Weaver 45 4
69. Crock Pot Recipes 101: Slow Cooker Recipes by Ronald Dorvil 0 0
70. Crockpot Dump Meals: Second Edition - 70+ Dump Meals, Dump Dinners Recipes, Antioxidants & Phytochemicals: Soups... by Don Orwell 0 0
71. Daniel Plan: Demystified - Soul Support And Healthy Weight Loss With 25 Delicious Daniel Plan Recipes by Darrin Wiggins 17 4.8
72. Dash Diet: Delicious Dash Diet Recipes For Weight Loss! (Dash Diet Recipes, Weight Loss Books, Weight Loss Tips... by Sara Banks 106 4
73. Delicious fat burning juice recipes: Easy juices made from fat burning fruits and vegetables by D, Kelly 3 4.3
74. Desserts in 5 Ingredients (Easy Dessert Recipes): Dessert Cookbook - Dessert Recipes - 5 Ingredient Desserts -... by Hannie P. Scott 4 4.5
75. Diabetes Diet: The Best Diabetic Foods To Eat, Herbs To Take, And Drinks To Swallow (Diabetes, Diabetes Diet,... by Dr. Jyothi Shenoy and Dianne Davis 81 3.8
76. Diabetes Today The Absolutely Most Delicious Diabetic Toaster Oven Recipes Cookbook by Julia Jette 2 5
77. Diet and Weight Loss Motivation Guide (Boxed Set): Habit Stacking for Weight Loss by Speedy Publishing 0 0
78. Diet Recipes Box Set: Top 10 Processed Food You Should Avoid + Amazingly Delicious Low Fat and Paleo Recipes to... by Eunice Hines and Sara Hughes 0 0
79. Diet Recipes for Weight Loss (Boxed Set): 2 Day Diet Plan to Lose Pounds in 2015 by Speedy Publishing 0 0
80. Do It Yourself Jerky: How to make Delicious Homemade Meat Jerky. 45 Delicious and Easy Jerky Recipes (DIY and... by Timothy S. Morris and DIY and Hobbies 17 4.4
81. Dorm Room Dining by Gina Meyers 0 0
82. Dot Smith's Jams & Chutneys by Dot Smith 7 3.3
83. Drink Like A God: A Vessel Recipe Book by Tominda Adkins 9 3.6
84. Dukan Diet: Dukan Diet Recipes - Amazingly Delicious Dukan Diet Recipes For Weight Loss (Weight Loss Books, Recipe... by Sara Banks 38 4.7
85. DUMP CAKE COOKBOOK: Delicious & Easy To Make Cakes The Family Will Love (Dump Cake Recipes) by Charity Wilson and My Recipe Journal 5 4.6
86. Dump Cake: Irresistible Dump Cake Recipes For Easy And Delicious Desserts (Dump Cake Cookbook Book 1) by Sara Banks 52 4
87. Eat Sleep Cook School!: A Year at Cookery School in the South of France by Christopher Ward 0 0
88. Eat: Tip guide on selecting healthy food (healthy food guide, healthy food list, Eat guides, Eat to live, Eat... by Anna Scott 13 3.5
89. Eczema Cure: The Most Effective Solution To Cure Eczema Fast: A Guide To Eczema Treatment, Eczema Cure And Eczema... by Donna Flinn 5 3
90. ESSENTIAL OIL: Old Grandma's Medicinal Herbs: 59 Herbal Remedies With A Touch of Grandma's Magic (Essential oil... by Old Grandma Healy 10 4.7
91. Family Spiralizer Cookbook: 60 Best Vegetable Spiralizer Recipes, From Breakfast Noodles To Pasta Main Dishes,... by Nancy Crews 0 0
92. Favorite Christmas Cookies by Ruth Cardello and Nina Bruhns 62 4.2
93. Filipino Cooking: 101 (for beginners) - Basic Filipino Recipes (Filipino Cooking - Filipino Food - Filipino Meals... by Clara Taylor 6 4.7
94. Food Drying: The Ultimate Guide by Kelly Kombs 7 3.7
95. Food for Countryside Moods by Terry Goble 0 0
96. Food Rules: Ultimate Boxed Set of Healthy Eating & Nutrition: Detox Diet and Superfoods Edition by Speedy Publishing 3 4.3
97. Fruits and veggies juicing recipes by Owen mc 2 5
98. Gluten Free & Wheat Free Meals For All Occasions Taster Edition Recipe Cookbook 10 Delicious Gluten Free Recipes... by Milly White 5 3.2
99. Gluten Free and Wheat Free Guide With Recipes (Boxed Set): Beat Celiac or Coeliac Disease and Gluten Intolerance by Speedy Publishing 5 3.2
100. Gluten Free Bread Recipes: Simple, Healthy And All Gluten-Free Bread Recipes. (Simple Recipe Series) by Ready Recipe Books 5 2.8
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