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Title # Ratings Avg Stars
1. The Fourth World: Authors Definitive Edition (The Legend of the Locust) by Laurence Moroney 65 4.1
2. Un príncipe en la nevera. Novela infantil ilustrada (6 - 10 años) (El mundo mágico de la nevera) (Spanish Edition... by César García Muñoz and Julián García Muñoz 31 4.5
3. Ravenspell Book 1: Of Mice and Magic (Ravenspell Series) by David FARLAND 19 4.4
4. The Raid: an Eden short story by Keary Taylor 19 4.4
5. The Adventures of Anna of Waverly Manor by Jack Sorenson and Magnolia Belle 6 4.7
6. The Dragon, the Wizard & the Great Door (Guardians of the Dragon Realms) by Robert Stanek 6 4
7. The Spotless Leopard (Quite Unusual Tales from the Lost Forest) by Rachael Long 6 3.8
8. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Part 7. by Mark Twain 3 5
9. Mars Maze (Short Story) by Deborah Jackson and Jessica Jackson 3 3.3
10. Expositions of Holy Scripture Second Kings Chapters VIII to End and Chronicles, Ezra,and Nehemiah. Esther, Job... by Alexander Maclaren 2 4.5
11. Les Malheurs de Sophie (French Edition) by Mme la Comtesse de Ségur 2 4
12. The Art of Secrets: Free Preview plus Bonus Material by James Klise 1 5
13. Tom Swift in the Land of Wonders, or, the Underground Search for the Idol of Gold by Victor [pseud.] Appleton 1 3
14. A Further Contribution to the Study of the Mortuary Customs of the North American Indians by H. C. 0 0
15. A Philological Essay Concerning the Pygmies of the Ancients by Edward Tyson 0 0
16. The Not-So Wild Things by Oliver Scunk 0 0
17. Halloween (Grandma Bubbles Books for New Readers) by Marianne McKnight 0 0