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Title # Ratings Avg Stars
1. How to Start a Successful Blog in One Hour (Better Blog Booklets) by Steve Scott 132 4.2
2. eBay Selling Success: Top tips from an expert eBay PowerSeller by Robert Pugh 53 3.7
3. 10 Credit Repair Tips by Scott Thomas 52 3.3
4. Tales of the Revolution: True Stories of People who are Poking the Box and Making a Difference by Seth Godin 43 4
5. Sailor's Knots (Entire Collection) by W. W. 26 3.2
6. Personal coaching: Influence and Lead ! Fundamentals for Personal and Professional Growth (Personal Growth)(The... by Michael Nir 21 4.5
7. Pushing to the Front by Orison Swett Marden 19 4.4
8. My Book Isn't Selling! The Chargan Book of Marketing Ideas by Philip Ragan 18 3.2
9. The Covenant Secret: The Master Key to Success by John Feloni 15 4.3
10. Affiliate Marketing: Just the FAQs by Laura Burke 15 3.1
11. Vivez la vie de vos rêves grâce à votre blog (French Edition) by Olivier Roland 13 4.9
12. Big Data, Analytics, and the Future of Marketing & Sales by McKinsey Chief Marketing & Sales Officer Forum 13 3.8
13. The Unofficial Client Success Guide for oDesk - How to Create or Expand Your Business with Other People's Help... by Hayes Williams 12 4.8
14. Superior Saving Strategies: Your Complete guide to saving for a better life by Mark Taylor 12 4.1
15. Hugh Young's Ten Golden Rules of Equity Investing by Hugh Young 12 3.6
16. Harvard Envy: Why Too Many Colleges Overshoot by Andrew S. Rosen 12 3.3
17. How to Succeed or, Stepping-Stones to Fame and Fortune by Orison Swett Marden 10 4.8
18. How to Read Body Language 101 - How to Read Anybody's Body Language like a Open Book by Joshua Osenga 10 4.4
19. A Story of Debt by Ashley Riordan 10 3.6
20. Just Tell Me What Stocks To Buy: 2012 by Tracey Edwards 9 3.9
21. Search Engine Optimization That Doesn't Suck (Vol.4 of the Punk Rock Marketing Collection) by Michael Rogan, Steve Ure and Desy Simmons 6 4.8
22. Basic Economics for Students and Non-Students Alike by Jerry Wyant 6 4.5
23. The Benchmark Email Quickstart Guide : A simple, chronological guide to the email marketing process by Benchmark Email 5 3
24. The Illustrated Alphabet of Birds by N/A 5 1
25. The Condition of the Working-Class in England in 1844 with a Preface written in 1892 by Friedrich Engels and Florence Kelley 4 4.5
26. 5 Crucial Ingredients of the Perfect Business Idea by Will Mitchell and Startup Bros 4 4.2
27. Insights into the Global Financial Crisis by Laurence B. Siegel 4 3.8
28. Social Media Reading Sampler: Book Excerpts by David Meerman Scott, Brian Halligan, Dharmesh Shah, Ann Handley... 4 3.8
29. The Age of Big Business; a chronicle of the captains of industry by Burton Jesse Hendrick 3 5
30. Skills For Successful Business Communication by Gabriel Berrian 3 5
31. YouTube Marketing Manual - Video Marketing for Small Businesses, Speakers, Consultants, and Authors by Marc Bullard 3 5
32. A New Look at Currency Investing by Momtchil Pojarliev and Richard M. Levich 3 4.3
33. Charisma Matters: 20 Quick & Easy to Implement Techniques for Increasing Your Charisma and Becoming an Influential... by Sarah Knight 3 4
34. Interview Questions Pro: Featuring the Top 500 Questions and Answers by Nelson Wang 3 4
35. The Problem of Knowledge in Financial Markets by Paul Jourdan 3 3.7
36. Money Fight Club Mini Training Manual: 10 Simple Ways to Save Money by Caborn Anne and Cook Lindsay 3 3.3
37. The History of Insects by N/A 3 2
38. How to Improve Your Leadership and Management Skills - Effective Strategies for Business Managers by Meir Liraz 2 3.5
39. Principles Of Political Economy Abridged with Critical, Bibliographical, and Explanatory Notes, and a Sketch of... by John Stuart Mill and J. Laurence 2 3
40. An Inquiry into the Permanent Causes of the Decline and Fall of Powerful and Wealthy Nations. Designed To Shew... by William Playfair 1 5
41. A Primer for Investment Trustees by Thomas M. Richards, Jeffery V. Bailey and Jesse L. Phillips 1 5
42. Professional Marketing Reading Sampler: Book excerpts from top marketing titles published by Wiley by Ron Clavier 1 5
43. Chasing String in the Digital Era by Jaffer Ali 1 5
44. An economy that works: Job creation and America's future by James Manyika, McKinsey Global Institute, Sreenivas Ramaswamy and Lenny Mendonca 1 5
45. COMPETITOR ANALYSIS: Week #1 of the 26-Week Digital Marketing Plan [Edition 3.0] by David Bain 1 4
46. 15 Ways to Rethink the Federal Budget by The Hamilton Project 1 4
47. S'enrichir grâce à Internet (French Edition) by Daniel Ichbiah 1 4
48. The Iron Puddler My life in the rolling mills and what came of it by James J. 1 4
49. The Fabric of Civilization A Short Survey of the Cotton Industry in the United States by Guaranty Trust Company of New York 1 3
50. Drake's Great Armada by Walter Bigges 1 3
51. Self-Help Sailor's Knots, Part 4. by W. W. 1 2
52. Sir Francis Drake's Famous Voyage Round the World by Francis Pretty 1 1
53. How to Do an Agenda: The Quickie Guide (The Quickie Guides) by Cat McEwan 1 1
54. Fifty years with the Revere Copper Co. A Paper Read at the Stockholders' Meeting held on Monday 24 March 1890 by S. T. Snow 1 1
55. Ventes à l'international avec Amazon (Global Selling with Amazon) (French Edition) by Amazon Services 0 0
56. Farewell to cheap capital? The implications of long-term shifts in global investment and saving by McKinsey Global Institute, Richard Dobbs, Susan Lund and Charles Roxburgh 0 0
57. Caxton's Book of Curtesye by N/A and Frederick James Furnivall 0 0
58. System der volkswirthschaft. English by Wilhelm Roscher and John J. 0 0
59. Rapport d'information sur l'application des mesures fiscales contenues dans les lois de finances (French Edition... 0 0
60. The Toll-House Sailor's Knots, Part 7. by W. W. 0 0
61. The World in Chains Some Aspects of War and Trade by John Mavrogordato 0 0
62. Rapport d'information sur la transparence de la gouvernance des grandes entreprises (French Edition) 0 0
63. Manners Makyth Man Ship's Company, Part 12. by W. W. 0 0
64. Address by Honorable Franklin K. Lane, Secretary of the Interior at Conference of Regional Chairmen of the Highways... by United States. Council of National Defense. Highways Transport Committee 0 0
65. Creating Capital Money-making as an aim in business by Frederick L. 0 0
66. Rapport d'information sur l'application du dispositif relatif à la mise en oeuvre des obligations des entreprises... 0 0
67. Bedridden and the Winter Offensive Deep Waters, Part 8. by W. W. 0 0
68. 'Return Loads' to Increase Transport Resources by Avoiding Waste of Empty Vehicle Running. by Council of National Defense Highway Transport Committee United States 0 0
69. Projet pour la compagnie des transports, postes et messageries (French Edition) by Anonymous 0 0
70. Tractus de Hermaphrodites Or, A Treatise of Hermaphrodites by Giles Jacob 0 0
71. La réforme postale en France (French Edition) by François-Guillaume Barrillon 0 0
72. Fast Cash Sniper by Gradi O'Connell 0 0
73. Fairy Gold Ship's Company, Part 4. by W. W. Jacobs and Will Owen 0 0
74. Address by Honorable William C. Redfield, Secretary of Commerce at Conference of Regional Chairmen of the Highways... by United States. Council of National Defense. Highways Transport Committee 0 0
75. The Bequest Ship's Company, Part 6. by W. W. 0 0
76. Return-Loads Bureaus To Save Waste In Transportation by Council of National Defense. Highway Transport Committee United States 0 0
77. At Sunwich Port, Part 1. Contents: Chapters 1-5 by W. W. 0 0
78. History of Steam on the Erie Canal by Anonymous 0 0
79. How to compete and grow: A sector guide to policy by McKinsey Global Institute, James Manyika, Lenny Mendonca and Jaana Remes 0 0
80. Small Business Management: Essential Ingredients for Success (Best Business Books) by Meir Liraz 0 0
81. Observations on the Effects of the Corn Laws, and of a Rise or Fall in the Price of Corn on the Agriculture and... by T. R. 0 0
82. The Grounds of an Opinion on the Policy of Restricting the Importation of Foreign Corn: intended as an appendix... by T. R. 0 0
83. How To Get Better And Better At Interviews by Matthew J Burgess 0 0
84. World Financial Markets in 2011: The trading, the players and the stories behind a year in the stock market by George G. Blakey 0 0
85. Outline of the development of the internal commerce of the United States 1789-1900 by Thurman William Van Metre 0 0
86. Depression Cash Cures by Marc Charles 0 0
87. The Principal Navigations, Voyages, Traffiques and Discoveries of the English Nation - Volume 03 by Richard Hakluyt 0 0
88. Fundamentals of Futures and Options by Roger G. Clarke, Harindra de Silva and Steven Thorley 0 0
89. Reform Cookery Book (4th edition) Up-To-Date Health Cookery for the Twentieth Century. by Mrs. 0 0
90. Landholding in England by Joseph Fisher 0 0
91. The Nature of Goodness by George Herbert Palmer 0 0
92. The Arctic Queen by N/A 0 0
93. Entre el trabajo y el cuidado de los nuestros: Cómo lograr un equilibrio, de AARP (Spanish Edition) by Amy Goyer 0 0
94. Dixon's Return Odd Craft, Part 10. by W. W. 0 0
95. Arab Women Rising by Knowledge@Wharton, Nafeesa Syeed, Rahilla Zafar and Reem Asaad 0 0
96. False Friends, and The Sailor's Resolve by N/A 0 0
97. Business Intelligence Sampler: Book Excerpts by Douglas Hubbard, David Parmenter, Wayne Eckerson, Dalton Cervo... by DOUGLAS W. HUBBARD 0 0
98. La fragilidad de las reformas (Análisis Plural) (Spanish Edition) by Juan Carlos Núñez Bustillos, Francisco Javier Núñez de la Peña, Luis Ignacio Román Morales and Juan Carlos Martínez Alvarado 0 0
99. New Real Estate Riches - Updated and Revised by Marc Charles and David Newcastle 0 0
100. Wee Macgreegor Enlists by J. J. 0 0
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