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1. Confidence: Simple Confidence Building Tips That Will Destroy Your Shyness & Help You Become Confident In Any... by Zayne Parker 46 4.7
2. NLP: Neuro Linguistic Programming & Mind Control + **50 FREE Self Hypnosis Scripts Inside** (Hypnosis, Self-Hypnosis... by Charles Elias 29 4.2
3. Small Talk! -Stop Being Awkward - Connect With People - Boost Your Confidence - Interact With Other People -... by Allison Dover 25 4.4
4. Motivation: Fool-Proof Method for Bulletproof Motivation - Goals, Personal Development & Motivational Self Help... by Angel Greene 23 4.8
5. The Happiness Project; 30 Techniques to a Happier you in 30 Days (happiness, motivation, personal transformation) by Love Your Life Series 19 4.3
6. Self Help: Self Help Crash Course For Motivation, Goals, Personal Transformation & Your Happiness (Self Esteem... by Matt Price 17 4.4
7. Creative Confidence: Learn It, Develop It & Change Your Life by Megan Coulter 13 4.6
8. How to Steal Like an Author: Success in Writing Books Through Increased Creativity (Book Writing, Creativity,... by Dean R. Giles 12 4.8
9. Self Esteem: Pick Up Your Feet Woman: How to Have More Self Confidence in Dating (Self-esteem, Confidence hacks... by Summer Andrews 12 4.8
10. Personal Empowerment: Creating the You, You want to be! (Self Help, Empowering Yourself) by Love Your Life Series 11 4.7
11. Social Anxiety: The Social Anxiety Cure: How To Be Self Confident, Get Rid Of Shyness & Overcome Social Anxiety... by Daniel Foster 9 4.7
12. Life Hacks: 47 Amazing Life Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier (life hacks, life hacking, best life hacks) by Andy Hall 9 4
13. Energy for Your Life: Seven Energy Giving Habits You Can Use Every Day To Get, Keep & Use Your Energy Better... by Julia Hidy 8 4.5
14. Body Language for Dummies: Learn to Read The Hidden Communication In Every Day Situations (Body Language, Body... by Kristina Foster 8 4.5
15. How To Be Unstoppable Every Day Of Your Life: Be Awesome Everyday (Success Mindset, Energize Your Life, Daily... by Michael Lombardi 7 4.9
16. Panic Attacks & Anxiety: Fast Proven Treatment To Cure Panic Attacks and Anxiety by Jennifer Alison 7 4.6
17. Positive Attitude: A Positive Attitude is Everything: Tips to Becoming More Positive and Feeling Better Every... by V. Noot 6 4.8
18. Improve Your Life: How to live a happy life forever (Motivational, Personal Growth, Self-Esteem, Stress Management) by Roslyn Rowe 6 4.8
19. Body Language: The Latest Body Language Guide. Learn To Read A Person Like a Book (Body language, body language... by Donald Smith 6 3.3
20. Improve Your Confidence Book Bundle (2 BOOKS FOR THE PRICE OF 1): BOOK 1 - Movies, Songs and Quotes to Inspire... by G Hunter 5 5
21. The Road To Character In 20 Minutes: Key Takeaways & Analysis For Busy People! by BigRead Reviewers 5 4.8
22. 28 Life Hacks: Hack Everything From Email To Food by Dylan Varian 4 3.8
23. 50 Ways To Get Ideas For Blog Posts by Dylan Varian 4 3.8
24. Achieve Your Dreams & Change Your Life Book Bundle (2 Books For The Price of 1): BOOK 1 - How to Reprogramme Your... by G Hunter 3 5
25. Critical Thinking: Think Clearly and Logically: Make Smart Decisions Using This Simple Guidance (Critical thinking... by Ava Young 3 4.3
26. EL CONFLICTO: "Descubre las claves para vencer a tu enemigo interior y liberar tu grandeza" (Spanish Edition) by ALEXIS BRIAN SANTILLAN CHAVEZ and MAURICIO MIDENCE 2 5
27. Getting over a Break Up Book Bundle (2 Books For the Price of 1): BOOK 1 - How to Reprogramme Your Subconscious... by G Hunter 2 5
28. 500 Things to Know to Declutter Your Life: Get Rid of Clutter, Clean, Organize, Downsize, Minimalize, and Live... by Lisa Rusczyk Ed.D. and Emily Woodhull 2 5
29. How to Make Money and Become Wealthly Book Bundle (2 Books for the Price of 1): BOOK 1 - Movies, Songs and Quotes... by G Hunter 2 5
30. Write This Minute!: Scenes for you to steal, prompts to boost your productivity, and exercises to enliven your... by Matthew Baffle 2 5
31. Body Language: A Beginner's Guide to Better Understand Body Gestures and Eye Signals (body language, body language... by Jose Jenkins 1 5
32. Money Making Machine: Learn how to make money online (Work at home, live free, make money online guide) by Matt Hoff 1 1
33. Positive Change For Success - Personal Development: The Right Mind Set For Success by Rodney Miles And Rebecca Morrison 0 0
34. 50 Things to Know About Grit: How to Keep Going When You Want to Quit by KT Love and 50 Things To Know 0 0
35. Accelerate Your Personal Growth - Facts And Tips On Self Development: Personal Development For Happiness And Success by Christian Barron And Belinda Chapman 0 0
36. Buddhism: for Beginners: A Pragmatic Beginners Guide for Learning the Foundations of Buddhism: (Buddhism, Balancing... by Jasmine R. Seelawi 0 0
37. Time Management For Success - Time Management For Stress Relief: Essential Tips On Proper Time Management by Douglas Lawson And Theresa Peters 0 0
38. EL PODER DE LA VISUALIZACIÓN: Irradiando la energía de tu visión (Spanish Edition) by Oscar Labastida Batres and Alfredo Lázaro Alonso 0 0
39. Precious Time Management - How To Manage Your Time For Best Results: Time Management For Success And Achievement by Raymond Lynch And Mildred Harvey 0 0
40. Emotional Intelligence: How to Determine Succes: 8 Surprisingly Effective Ways To Increase Your EQ by Mastering... by Wendy Larson 0 0
41. How to Stop Your Brokenness From Keeping You Broke: Conquering a scarcity mentality, fixing faulty financial feelings... by Dr. Dexter Thomas 0 0
42. Set The Frame For Success - Self Improvement And Success: Personal Development And Strategies For Great Success by Alvin Grant And Lydia Conley 0 0
43. How to be Interesting and Magnetic to Others: 10 Powerful Action Steps by Julie Basson and Cor Basson 0 0
44. Don't Learn The Hard Way - Personal Development: Self improvement For Happiness And Success by Dan Collier And Brittany Nash 0 0
45. Ich mach mein Ding! In 30 Tagen zu mehr Selbstbewusstsein (German Edition) by Monika Abelt 0 0
46. Building Confidence: How Anyone Can Master Self-Confidence and Transform Themselves by Tom Fields 0 0
47. Living Out Loud - Feel Good: Tips & Tricks For A Happy life by Adam May And Sara Terry 0 0
48. A linguagem Corporal em Relacionamentos e Paqueras (Portuguese Edition) by Marcos Cardoso 0 0
49. Are You Stuck? - Personal Growth: Useful Tips For Success In Life by Kyle Watts And Madison Boyle 0 0
50. The Map Of Your Life - Where Are You Going?: Personal Development For Success And Happiness by Dave Kemp And Marian Shepherd 0 0
51. Mehr Lebensenergie: Wie Sie Energieräuber entlarven und neue Kraftquellen entdecken (German Edition) by Madame Missou 0 0
52. How To Find Inner Peace - Essential Tips On Personal Development: Self Improvement For A Good Life by David Moore And Melissa Morgan 0 0
53. The Rules Of Success - Personal Development For Success: Self Improvement For Maximum Achievement by Brett Gaines And Dora Heath 0 0
54. Mini Morning Habits: Small Life Changes With Big Results (Healthy Habits & Nutrition) by Nancy Brooks 0 0
55. Inspiring Skies with Inspirational Wealth Quotes: 100 inspiring photos of skies with inspirational wealth quotes by Rod Stone 0 0
56. Finding Balance - Personal Growth: Self Improvement For A Good Life by Sam Wilkins And Ella Stacey 0 0
57. Selbstbewusstsein: Schrittweise zu einer starken Persönlichkeit (Selbstbewusstsein, Selbstvertrauen, Selbstwertgefühl... by Christopher M. Forsberg 0 0
58. Confidence And Success - Tips On Personal Development: Useful Facts About Self Improvement by Melvin Harmon And Katy Reed 0 0
59. Develop Your Life & Mind - Tips On Personal Development: Self Improvement For Happiness And Success by Randall Conner And Holly Tyler 0 0
60. Feeling Good - Personal Growth: Self Improvement For A Happy Life by Brent Conley And Vivian Wilkins 0 0
61. The Psychology Of Success - Personal Development For Success: Self Improvement For Success And Maximum Achievement by Brent Vega And Stacey Cobb 0 0
62. Getting Rid Of Negativity - Personal Development, Goals And Happiness: Self Improvement For A Good Life by Elmer Lester And Annie Boyd 0 0
63. The Pursuit Of Happiness - Happiness Through Personal Growth: Personal Development For A Happy Life by Daniel Riley And Sarah Austin 0 0
64. Control Your Own Life - Personal Development And Purpose: Get Control And Succeed In The Game Of Life by Justin Holmes And Nina Fowler 0 0
65. Success Tips For Personal Growth - Essential Tips On Personal Development And Success: Self Improvement And Success... by Allan Bradford And Caroline Randall 0 0
66. Useful Tips For A Happy Life - Personal Development And Emotional Healing: Self Improvement For A Good Life by Robert Morrow And Deanna Combs 0 0
67. Where To Start The Journey - Personal Development For Success: Essential Strategies For Great Success by Robert Stevens And Kelly Mills 0 0
68. What Is Exactly Personal Growth? - Self Improvement And Happiness: Personal Development For Success And Happiness by Greg Hickman And Patty Boyer 0 0
69. Self Improvement - Facts & Tips: Personal Development For Happiness And Success by Gilbert Phelps And Vera Underwood 0 0
70. Do Not Worry - Personal Growth: Self Improvement For A Good Life by Frank Green And Julia Grant 0 0
71. Unleashing Your Happiness - Personal Development And Happiness: Self Improvement For A Happy Life by Dustin Hobbs And Miranda Hardin 0 0
72. DIY Projects Box Set: 55 Recipes For Homemade Shampoo And Hand & Body Lotion Plus Discover the Magic of Soap Making... by Eliana Herrera and Sandra Evans 0 0
73. The Conquering You by Thabiso Mashape 0 0
74. Summer Fun!: 111 Things to do While School is Out! by Karen Leigh Thomas 0 0
75. The 41 Rules to Dating Mastery by Justin Stenstrom 0 0
76. The Journey by Cathy Grant 0 0
77. The Eye in the Sky by Anu 0 0
78. Map to the Meaning of Life: How to Find Fulfillment from Creativity and Profound Experiences by Ben Bien 0 0
79. Cambia la tua vita!: Dai una svolta decisiva alla tua vita (Italian Edition) by Alfonso Basilotta 0 0
80. How To Make Money Blogging: From Pennies to Power by Dylan Varian 0 0
81. How To Enjoy Your Life - Personal Development: The Road To A Happy Life by Alvin Hogan And Annie Boyd 0 0
82. Microscopy of Remedies: SPECIAL EDITON by Baldev Bhatia 0 0
83. Body Language Box Set: A Beginners Guides to Better Understand Body Gestures and Eye Signals with Extra Tips to... by Tara Oneal and Jose Jenkins 0 0
84. Personal Growth - For Success: Essential Tips On Effective Self Improvement by Chris Elliot And Wendy Fuller 0 0
85. DECLUTTER: Organizing Your Home within a Week for a Stress-Free Life! (Declutter, Minimalist Living, Minimalism... by Sophia Effin 0 0
86. Personal Growth - Inner Peace: Personal Development For A Good Life by Roger Burns And Paula Riley 0 0
87. Habits of Highly Effective People: THINK, GROW, SUCCEED! (Highly Effective People, Success, Happiness, Determination... by Sandro Zalve 0 0
88. Wonderful Life - Personal Growth: Tips & Tricks For A Fantastic Life by Melvin Higgins And Jill Booke 0 0
89. Stop Being Frustrated About Money ! by Mikaël Cormont 0 0
90. Upcycling DIY Projects: 45 Crafting Ideas for Gifting, Decorating, and Fashion (Recycling & Declutter) by Pamela Ward 0 0
91. 50 Things to Know to Overcome Shyness: Tips for a More Confident, Extroverted You by Krista Mounsey and 50 Things To Know 0 0
92. Develop Yourself For Success - Personal Development And Happiness: Self Improvement For Maximum Achievement And... by Mark Turner And Jane Marshall 0 0