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Title # Ratings Avg Stars
1. Butterflies Are Free To Fly: A New and Radical Approach to Spiritual Evolution by Stephen Davis 99 3.8
2. How to Find Free Christian Books Online by Shelley Hitz 96 4.4
3. Radiance: Experiencing Divine Presence by Gina Lake 71 4
4. What in the world do I need a Life Coach for??? The reasons why having a life coach can save your life by Christopher Pinckley 36 3.8
5. Anastasia (Ringing Cedars Of Russia) by Vladimir Megre and Marian Schwartz 34 4.3
6. Personal coaching: Influence and Lead ! Fundamentals for Personal and Professional Growth (Personal Growth)(The... by Michael Nir 21 4.5
7. My Name is (state your name), and I am a Writer (Self Publishing Success Parables) by C. G. Cooper 20 4.6
8. Be your own best life coach (52 Brilliant Ideas) by Jackee Holder 12 3.4
9. Panic Attacks: How To Free Yourself From Anxiety And Panic Attacks Naturally by Daniel Hall 6 3.5
10. Day Management - How To Organize Your Day, Kill The Clutter And Be Productive Every Day! (Day Management, Time... by David Adam 3 4
11. Proud to be 'Pushy': The Affirmation of Assertiveness & First Principles of Getting What You Want Out Of Life,... by Sam Bryant 3 3.7
12. Start Over - A New Life in 7 Days, for women by Marilyn Greenfield 2 5
13. PNI (Mental Laxatives for a Constipated Mind) by Rev. Donald Pederson 1 5
14. A Moment of Clarity by Cliff Lengkono 1 4
15. Heartache High; The Primer by Jon Jacks 1 1
16. The Chakra Series (Book 3) - Solar Chakra by Viv Rosser and John Gibbon 1 1
17. Boxed Set 5 Christian Sermons by Miriam Kinai 0 0
18. My Way - An Assertiveness Toolkit (Aspire Leadership Toolkit) by Bronia Szczygiel and Liz McKechnie 0 0
19. Boxed Set 2 Stress Management by Miriam Kinai 0 0